November 25, 2015

Opening 100 Centres by 2015!

The School was first established in 1996 and initially focused its
target on job seekers to find the
 employment, exposing them to English
conversation and increasing their 
workplace skills. Briton
has 17 centres and teachers 3,500 full-time students per month and has

outstanding alumni of 250,000 students since it's first
across Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sumatera Islands.

Our school holds the reputation as being the leading and most dynamic
English language center in Indonesia under the authorization of
University of Cambridge ESOL Examination, UK since 2001 and every year more than 3.000 students takes Cambridge exams.

We continuously strive to maintain our reputation and performance by
providing the best learning environment and programs to help students
improve their English. For the next 3 years, Briton has committed to
opening 100 new branches in
 Medan, Kalimantan, Jabodetabek, East Java & Bali, 
Pekanbaru & Palembang, and Sul-Sel/Bar.

As part of our grand vision in 2015, Briton International English
School is projected to grow as the largest English School in Indonesia
with 80,000 active students studying every month.

Sirajuddin Tenri, M.Ed Mgmt