Young Learners English (YLE®)

Young Learners English (YLE®) is a reliable and consistent measure of how well your child is doing in the skills of listening, speaking and reading and writing. Tests are designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged by working towards certificates and earning the ‘shields’ that record their progress.

Who can take the YLE®?

It is ideally and highly recommended taken by students at primary school.

What will YLE® do for your children?

Cambridge ESOL Exam is a division for international test in one of the most famous and historical university, University of Cambridge, UK. Having one of the international certificates will surely be a pride and personal achievement for you, not to mention the benefits:

  • Certificate of YLE valid for a lifetime. You will not need to take the exam again.
  • These certificates are truly international certificates, recognized around the world for study purposes.
  • Clear progress shown by students in four skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking.

2016 Cambridge Exam Dates

February KET PET 20 February 20 January
March YLE O5 March 27 January
April KET(S) PET(S) 21 April 23 March
May FCE PET YLE 14 May 06 April
June KET PET 18 June 18 May
August YLE 06 August 30 June
October KET PET 08 October 07 September



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