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BRITON Study Tours provide exciting and high quality immersion programs for students aged 10 – 17 years old. The combination of travel experience to the world’s famous destinations, English language studies and practices, and opportunities to meet people from various cultural backgrounds will help learners to become successful global citizens.


Briton UK Study Tour




Have you thought about studying English while visiting Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, or shopping in Piccadilly Circus? Or take a selfie at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United, and share it to your friends and family? This tour offers a complete unforgettable travel experience, personality development, and language acceleration program. All include in one package that will be the highlight of your life.

Briton Australian Study Tour

Briton AUSTRALIAN Study Tour

2016, September





This program, jointly managed by BRITON International English School and Education Queensland International (EQI), offers a unique opportunity for students in expanding global connections and gaining first-hand experience studying in Australian Government Schools. It aims to prepare students to improve communication skills and confidence, prepare for future overseas studies, and create lifelong international friendships.


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